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Will Buswell

From Lab to Law

Posted 12 June 2019

After years studying life sciences, Paralegal Will Buswell is now seeking new challenges in the legal world.

Academic Will had just started his PhD when he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in the legal field; seemingly a far cry from his current trajectory as a molecular biologist.  However, his PhD actually involved the commercial impact within the agriculture industry, dealing with intellectual property and patents. “These experiences confirmed to me that the legal profession would enable me to work at the evolving intersection of technology and commerce” Will recalls.


It was while Will was writing his thesis for his PhD, that he discovered Vario and learned that he could realistically put his technical skills to use in the legal field.   Making the leap from academia into the legal field did present some challenges though; such as gathering sufficient working experience and developing new skills not previously used as a academic researcher.  Speaking about making the transition to freelancing, Will mentions, “I think being a freelancer enables me to use my skill-set in a more focused manner, as I’m given specific jobs based on the requirements for those skills. In truth, I hadn’t considered being a freelancer before hearing about Vario, but I can now see these clear benefits.”

Since joining Vario, Will’s experience has been overwhelmingly positive so far, Will remarks; “I’ve been made to feel truly welcome in the IP team and the firm, so I’ve been able to integrate into the team and develop a good network of colleagues. There’s also been lots of opportunities for personal development through training courses and seminars, and the social events aren’t bad either!”


Work life balance is something which is very important to Will and working as a Vario has helped towards achieving better harmony between the two; “I think that working as a Vario has given me more structure in deciding how to manage my work/life balance, and improved my productivity in the process, which certainly helps to prevent work spilling over late into the evenings.”


Outside of work, Will likes to keep busy either running or cycling. “Finding time for running has become more and more difficult, but I’ve found that running to and from the office is a pretty efficient use of time, if a little hairy at rush hour in the city!” explains Will.


Will gives some parting advice for others considering the freelancer lifestyle with Vario: ”Apply! I think it offers a really unique model for a broad range of people who want to work in the legal profession, so it’s definitely worth exploring. Whilst on an assignment, I’ve found the best thing to do is to be proactive and try to get involved in projects at different levels, as this gives you the best perspective on how to manage projects in future.”

Discover an exciting career in law by freelancing with Vario.  Get in touch with us now.


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