Providing flexible legal solutions globally, whilst backed by a major law firm.

Diversity and inclusion consultancy; helping organisations around the world drive meaningful change and unlock real business value.

Designing and implementing solutions and assisting our clients with legal technology and support.

Combining the right people and technology to create outcome focused managed legal solutions.

Applying the principles and practice of project management to deliver client legal projects on time and within budget.


Vario from Pinsent Masons MPillay is a truly flexible way for businesses to access the highest quality legal professionals.

Vario is Pinsent Masons MPillay’s community of flexible legal professionals where we support businesses in Singapore by presenting a cost-effective, flexible legal solution to suit their needs as and when challenges arise. Being part of Pinsent Masons, an international law firm, Vario provides best legal professionals in the industry and complements the more traditional legal services provided by the firm. Tailored to your specific requirement, Vario legal professionals complement your core resources.

Why choose Vario?

We have the power and resources of international law firm Pinsent Masons behind us

We are an integral part of Pinsent Masons, enabling you to take advantage of the firm’s scale and infrastructure, whilst maintaining flexibility. Our Varios are fully briefed and supported by Pinsent Masons, leveraging the firm’s Partners, CPD training, knowledge systems, professional support lawyer network, library and research teams.

We recognise that technical expertise is only half of the story

We’re unapologetically selective, only accepting Pinsent Masons’ calibre people into the Vario community. Our legal professionals are handpicked, highly skilled and cover broad legal expertise. Uniquely, alongside technical proficiency we use a team of business psychologists to assess personal behaviours, to ensure the best fit for your organisation and that the Vario is suited to life as a freelancer.

We use our size to your advantage

Vario has a bench of over 200 legal professionals across Asia Pacific region covering a vast array of skills and sectors at all levels. The Vario Flexible Services model provides versatile and cost-effective legal resource deployed on a project-by-project basis in response to specific requirements. We remove the stress of recruitment, guaranteeing a top quality legal professional who will impact your business from day one.

Our Vario FLEXIBLE SERVICES Singapore Team

If you’d like to find out more about how Vario Flexible Services could help your in-house legal team or have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Ima Salleh

Vario Account Manager – Singapore



If you are interested in joining Vario or working with us as a client, please get in touch on +44 (0)121 629 1768.

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