Trish Ryan

Boutique legal business owner Trish Ryan sources legal work through Vario

Sep 30, 2021

“Consulting to firms like Vario have greatly improved my flexibility in my career and allow me to continue to grow my career and my business whilst being able to maintain some semblance of work and home life!” expresses Trish Ryan, a Vario Flexible Legal Consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

Working as an Employment Lawyer, Trish has followed a fairly traditional path into law, after completing her studies at university, she progressed to a graduate program at an international law firm and worked at the firm for 5 years. After moving to work in-house roles, Trish then started her own legal practice after the birth of her third child, “Having been on both sides of legal service as a private practice lawyer, then in-house, I felt I knew what clients were looking for in their external legal firms – responsiveness, efficiency, an understanding of their business, and commerciality – as well as of course, knowledge of the law” Trish continues, “…it means I can work with a great variety of clients, law firms and other professional consultants which makes my work day always varied and challenging. It also gave me the flexibility I was looking for with three young children!”

After managing her own boutique legal consultancy in Sydney, Trish joined the Vario Flexible Services bench to seek further legal work on a flexible basis. Speaking about her experience of joining Vario, Trish comments, “Excellent – it is very early days but everyone I have spoken to has been very open, welcoming and it makes me excited for the future of increasing my work with Vario.”
Soon after joining the Vario hub, Trish was offered an assignment as an interim legal professional, she recalls, “It was my first assignment with Vario and it was directly in my area of expertise which was a great way to start. The client was engaging and sophisticated, and my dealings internally were also great.”

The recent global pandemic and subsequent rolling lockdowns has been a big change for all working professionals,how has Trish managed this new way of life? “Lockdown certainly has its challenges including my husband and I both working from home, supervising our three children remote learning, and our dog that has never been walked so much in her life! I enjoy finding some downtime where we can – walks, exploring our local bush and water tracks, a weekly game of tennis, and just finding a sunny spot in the garden for a cup of coffee! Since I feel like I spend all of my time at the moment with my family, I also cherish a weekly walk with one of my best friends from uni – a chance to walk at an adult pace and to catch up whilst getting our exercise in!” she notes.

Reflecting on her decision to join Vario Flexible Services, Trish comments, “Working with Vario is a great option for anyone looking to grow their career in a flexible way – flexible work is not stepping back but taking a path which offers great rewards in terms of quality of life but also great quality of work especially when consulting as a Vario consultant where the work, the clients, and your colleagues offer a top environment. As we come out of Covid (eventually!) I can see many more workplaces will be adopting a more flexible approach – Vario is already ahead of the game in this space”.

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