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Vario Referral Scheme

The Gift of Friendship.

Introduce a friend to the new world of work.

Every Vario Flexible Services consultant on assignment is billing toward the firm’s overall target for that client and helping to deepen client relationships. Now you can help us grow the Vario Flexible Services capability.

With our Vario Referral scheme, if you introduce a friend to become a Vario Flexible Services consultant and they successfully start work, we’ll reward you as a small thank you.

Everyone’s a winner.

If you meet the criteria, download and complete the below referral form and  submit to for consideration.

ManaTerms & Conditions

1.1 In order to successfully grow and develop our Vario business, we have a continuing need to encourage good freelance professionals to join our Vario hub. The Vario business would like to encourage both existing employees of Pinsent Masons and existing Varios to introduce their friends and business contacts and, in return, they may qualify for a Vario Referral Reward (as defined below).
1.2 Your participation in the Vario Referral Scheme is subject to the Vario Referral Scheme Conditions set out at paragraph 3 below.
1.3 Please note, this policy is effective from 1 July 2018. Only referrals made after this date and in accordance with this policy may be eligible for the Vario Referral Reward.
1.4 References within this policy to the “Firm” or “firm”, to “us”/ “we”/ “our” or to “Pinsent Masons” or “Pinsent Masons LLP” shall, where the context permits, include and refer to Pinsent Masons LLP, Pinsent Masons Services Limited and other subsidiaries and affiliated entities of Pinsent Masons LLP.
2.1 If you would like to refer a friend or business contact to the Vario team, please contact a member of the Vario Operations Team by emailing to request a Vario Referral Form.
2.2 Within one week of your friend or business contact applying to join the Vario hub (using the online application form on the Vario pages of the Pinsent Masons’ website), you must submit your completed Vario Referral Form to us by emailing it to
2.3 Failure to submit your completed Vario Referral Form within this time period may result in you not being eligible to receive the Vario Referral Reward.
3.1 The following conditions must be met in order for you to be considered for the Vario Referral Reward:
3.1.1 You must have obtained the permission of the individual you are referring, prior to submitting a Vario Referral Form.
3.1.2 You must be either an employee of Pinsent Masons or a registered Vario. For the purposes of this policy, an employee of Pinsent Masons is defined as being a permanent or fixed term employee of Pinsent Masons (including legal directors). A registered Vario is defined as being a fully onboarded member of the Vario hub. This means that either the Vario’s company has entered into a Legal Services Agreement with Pinsent Masons and the Vario has provided us with an up to date CV and a current practising certificate (where relevant) or, where the Vario is contracting with Pinsent Masons in another way (such as through a PAYE company or as an employee), the Vario has provided the Vario team with all requested documentation, including an up to date CV and a current practising certificate (where relevant) and signed up to any on-boarding documentation as required by Pinsent Masons.
3.1.3 Partners of Pinsent Masons are excluded from this policy and are not therefore eligible to participate in the Vario Referral Scheme.
3.1.4 If you are an employee of Pinsent Masons who is engaged to work within the Vario business, or you work within the lateral recruitment team you are not eligible to participate in the Vario Referral Scheme.
3.1.5 The person whom you are referring must not have been interviewed by the firm (including the Vario business) for either a role at the firm or to become a Vario during the six months prior to the date on which you submit your Vario Referral Form.
3.1.6 Referrals of individuals who are employed by Pinsent Masons’ clients do not qualify and this is strongly discouraged. If you are in any doubt whether the person whom you are intending to refer works for a Pinsent Masons’ client please contact the relevant Partner or your Vario Account Manager for clarification.
3.1.7 The person whom you refer must become a Registered Vario and must commence an assignment as a Vario within twelve months of the date on which he or she becomes a Registered Vario. All decisions as to whether an individual is accepted to join the Vario hub remain solely with the Vario team.
4.1 Notwithstanding all of the above conditions being satisfied, payment of a Vario Referral Award is at the sole discretion of the Managing Director of Vario.
4.2 Where the Vario Referral Reward is payable, the rewards will be as follows:
4.2.1 for all positions asides from paralegals, a cash payment to the value of £500.00 GBP, paid in your local currency; or
4.2.2 where the individual is a paralegal, a cash payment to the value of £250.00 GBP, paid in your local currency.
4.3 Subject to the above conditions being satisfied, we will notify you when an individual whom you have referred commences their first assignment as a Vario. Following such notification, where you are to receive a Vario Referral Award, such reward will be paid directly to you within one month of the individual commencing their first assignment.
4.4 You will only be eligible for one Vario Referral Reward in respect of each individual whom you refer.
4.5 You are responsible for accounting for any tax payable in respect of your receipt of a Vario Referral Reward.
4.6 If you are no longer an employee of Pinsent Masons or a registered Vario at the point at which the individual whom you have referred commences their first assignment as a Vario, you will not be entitled to the Vario Referral Award unless the Managing Director of Vario decides otherwise (at his sole discretion).


If you are interested in joining Vario or working with us as a client, please get in touch on +44 (0)121 629 1768.

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