Our New Vario Team Member in Singapore

by | Jul 11, 2019

Our New Vario Team Member in Singapore: Ima Salleh

With 14 years of experience in client relationships, sales management, operations management and administrative support, Ima is a welcome addition to the Vario team in the Asia region. She has previously worked for an alternative legal services provider for the past 5 years in Singapore.  

Here she talks about her plans for herself and for Vario.


ima salleh singaporeWhich parts of your job have you previously enjoyed the most?

 The main thing that I have enjoyed is the relationships that this type of work allows me to build; this is both with the legal professionals that I’ve worked with previously and also with the clients. I am passionate about inspiring trust and building innovative solutions. I certainly intend to carry that on, now I am at Vario. 


Why are you joining Vario?

As Vario is the largest global bench of legal consultants attached to a law firm, I am confident that we can offer the very best level of expertise to suit our clients’ needs. In addition to this, I have been really impressed with the incredible level of support that Vario offers to the lawyers – with access to the knowledge systems, a professional support lawyer and the backing of a global law firm, Pinsent Masons.

All of this means that I believe we can offer something very special and I am motivated and excited to be part of it.


What are you hoping for?

I have worked with my manager Kirsty Dougan for four years and I’m excited to rekindle that relationship.  Being part of her team, working together to expand Vario in the region and working within a successful law firm, Pinsent Masons, is an exciting adventure. It means a lot to me to join an organisation where I can grow and work towards something I care about. I like how every day, we help legal professionals manage their careers, offering both flexibility and a challenging career.


What trends have you seen in Singapore for alternative legal service providers?

More demand. This applies to both the companies using legal consultants and the professionals who want to work in this way. Particular sectors seem to be using it more than others, such as healthcare and technology, but across all industries demand is really buoyant. I believe that it is being driven by two factors, changing of attitudes towards and more awareness of alternative legal services. General Counsels share amongst themselves and when they do, they hear how such alternative has worked for their peers. They then start to think about how they themselves can utilise a legal consultant and it snowballs from there.


What makes a good freelance lawyer?

There is certainly not one background or level that works better than any other. It ranges from people at the start of their careers, to those that have held senior level positions. I know many junior lawyers who are gaining significant experience working for different organisations. Through this exposure they are quickly developing and gaining skills. They are actually making themselves more attractive to employers through a portfolio career.

I believe that what actually makes a good legal consultant is their personality. Those people who are open-minded, who are willing to constantly learn and accept feedback; these are the attributes it takes to succeed. It can be a steep learning curve as people are parachuted into an organisation, but if they have these attributes as well as being keen, happy to engage and resilient, then they will succeed and thrive.


How about you, who is the real Ima?

I am a people person, who enjoys meeting new people and forging meaningful relationships.

On the homefront, I’m busy running a small “farm”, so to speak! I have a lot of pets to look after, which helps to keep my daughter entertained. Other than caring for my daughter and animals, I love to travel and cycle – I think that is enough to keep me occupied!

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Looking to start a career as a Flexible Legal Consultant in Singapore?  Get in touch with us today.

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