National Fitness Day 2019

by | Sep 25, 2019

National Fitness Day 2019

By Kwan Cheung

Fitting In Fitness

Wednesday 25th September 2019 is National Fitness Day in the UK, a day dedicated to encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get up and be more physically active.  

Working in a high-pressure job with tight deadlines such as a lawyer can make it hard to squeeze in time for your own personal health needs.  Freelancers can be an added help or hindrance depending on circumstances; working flexibly can allow more time for activities such as fitness but often, our Varios have chosen to become freelancers because they have other passion projects they want to devote their time to outside of law. Our freelancers usually have a busier schedule than full time employees because of these projects including starting a business, travelling the globe or living out a lifelong dream.  So, where does the time for regular exercise fit in to this busy routine?  Too often we neglect our fitness due to our other commitments such as work, family or other activities being a higher priority.

National Fitness Day is a great opportunity for not only for UK workers, but working professionals all over the world to take a moment and assess our own personal fitness levels and either maintain/improve current regimes or make the effort to start a new one. 

Here at Vario, we understand how important health, fitness and nutrition are.  That’s why we’ve planned our upcoming ‘Nourish to Flourish’ session educating on the foundations of nutrition and how to maintain a healthy balance whilst living life.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Being physically fit and active doesn’t just mean you get to wear a smaller dress size or look good on the beach  (though that is a very important benefit), it offers much deeper health benefits too, including lower risk of coronary disease, strokes, depression, cancer, dementia and even death!

Make The Change

Making a conscious decision to be more active isn’t as big of a step as you may think though. A few changes go a long way, quoting ancient philosopher Confucius; “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” 

So, here are 5 tips ranked in terms of ease to get you started on the road to peak physical health:

1. Going up?

This one really is a small step you can make every day.  It’s unlikely you’d be allowed to set your 100m P.B. around the office (Health and safety apparently), but you can burn some extra calories and tone your calves at the same time by simply taking the stairs rather than the elevator.  Work on the ground floor? Set a mental note (or phone alarm) to remind yourself to get out of your office chair and walk; either to make a hot drink, speak to a colleague on the other side of the office or just for a casual stroll. You’ll come back to your desk not only a teeny bit healthier but more productive and awake too.  


2. Invest in a Step tracker

You’ve probably got one of these already, but if not, you definitely should.  The more basic models are inexpensive nowadays and they do a great job of motivating you to exercise more through tangible step-counting and ‘gamification’ rewards such as badges and league tables to compete with friends for most steps taken.  They’re a really good way to measure your daily activity which you can then use to benchmark any future goals and measure progress. More expensive models also measure heart rate and use GPS to more accurately measure your more strenuous activity.  


3. Lunchtime Power Hour

Don’t have the time to spare before or after a busy day at work?  Squeeze in a workout in your lunch instead. Check out gyms in the nearby vicinity to your office or ask colleagues whether they go to any lunchtime sessions and see whether you can join them. Don’t forget to follow up your exercise session with a healthy lunch too.

4. Find a sports club

A big hurdle for many people thinking of getting fitter is that they don’t enjoy solitary sessions at the gym 3 days a week.  A much more social and entertaining way to get fit might be to start a new sport. Search online or ask friends for recommendations for clubs or schools.  Why not try picking up a sport you played in your school days or perhaps try something new altogether? The social aspect as well as the technical mastery involved will hopefully keep you enthused much longer than dragging yourself to the gym, fitness is purely the by-product!     


5. Buy that puppy you always wanted

Need I say more for this one? A cute little canine companion offers their owners loads of health benefits, one of which is the motivation to get out of the house and walk with them!  This picture should surely be all the persuasion you need (one of the Vario team’s dearly-missed dog)!

Looking for a career which allows you more time for fitness? Take our Possibilities Poll to see whether life as a Vario could be the right one for you.  To find out more about our health and nutrition sessions, get in touch with the team.

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