Delivering efficiency for a multi-national technology business

by | Aug 11, 2020


A huge Germany based multi-national technology company required a supplier able to frequently review terms and conditions of agreements under review and discussion. In addition to this, they required general legal advice to specific issues throughout the EU and beyond. This work required a quick turnaround, uniform answers and a structured and easy to handle process. Furthermore, the client was seeking a solution which would offer them the ability to scale up the workload in busier patches. Finally, they needed a solution which could offer them the data required to provide complete visibility of the work being undertaken for them.


Steps Taken

The Managed Legal Services team designed a solution drawing on the best in technology and people from both Pinsent Masons and Vario’s flexible resourcing business. The international network of lawyers were selected for their skills, flexibility and locations, to provide the client with a round-the-clock solution. This was all underpinned with a technology platform that automated many of the steps required, thereby saving the client time and money. Furthermore, enabling the entire network of lawyers to work on one single platform reduced the amount of emails going back and forth to almost zero and improved the quality due to clear document management.



The client has expanded the brief since project launch, to include additional work, due to the success of this project. The pricing model has always been very transparent and reflective of the amount of work being undertaken, this has made the project easy to manage and budgets under control.


How could Vario’s Managed Legal Services work for you?

Vario’s Managed Legal Services team is able to build similar models for a wide variety of work. Our network lawyers know what to do and how to do it. This ensures a comprehensive solution for the client with fast and cost-effective results. The use of our technology platform enables us and the client to cluster the results, such as per country, per question, per issue for
example in the most suitable way. Due to the fee arrangement, the client always has full cost transparency and control.




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