Designing a Solution from Beginning to End

by | Sep 3, 2020


The client, a global manufacturing client was required to enforce standards for customer sales contracts while also managing business demand and tracking internal SLAs.  A new solution was required to address these challenges to their business.

Steps Taken

Through a workshop exercise we were able to identify the key challenges and where efforts needed to be focused. Together we clarified the problem and created a view of both a perfect and realistic outcome for the project.

We provided a report and recommendation which led to a second stage technical project that delivered an online contract risk review platform.


The legal team are able to focus on important risk areas speeding up the contract review process, identifying deviations from global standards and accessing a clause bank of preferred wording.

A risk report is easily generated which is shared with the business owner showing the review analysis, key contractual details and suggested next steps to close the negotiations for the best outcome.

Powerful data analytics provides the business understand what the contractual estate looks like while also helping the legal team report on request volumes and response times.



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