Providing Additional Support

by | Sep 9, 2020


A life sciences client had embarked on implementation of a market leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution. While the client had made considerable progress they needed some support with advanced configuration.

Steps Taken

We were able to work with in-house legal function to:

  • Fully scope the functionality of the CLM platform and map it against the team’s requirements. This enabled us to identify additional functionality not previously identified by the team;
  • Adapt the platform so that it meets the client’s specific requirements;
  • Support knowledge transfer allowing the lawyers to maintain the platform;
  • Support implementation and beyond once the new system is fully embedded.


The client’s legal team can now engage with their internal business customers managing all contracts from request through execution to contract termination or renewal. A series of approval workflows have been created appropriate to the risk profile of each contract. This allows the right level of resource and time to be devoted achieving faster contract engagement.

A centralised contract repository, automated notifications on key activities and powerful reporting give the legal team control and oversight of their entire contract estate.

Since completion of this project, the client has now expressed interest to enhance their documentation automation process, creating an on-going relationship.

“Having direct contact with the client and seeing first hand how they support the wider business objectives has been enlightening. It was also very encouraging to see a legal team take the lead on deploying technology that directly met their needs.

Chris Green, Client Consulting



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