Dealing with Disputes, Data and Dashboards

by | Sep 9, 2020


A major infrastructure client had a need to understand the nature of disputes and analyse data they had captured.

Steps Taken

We reviewed and cleaned the client’s data and built an interactive dashboard allowing real-time analysis and trends to be identified. We presented this dashboard and worked with the client to analyse what was important to them and to look at trends over time.


Through visual representation of their claims data the client could articulate what was important to them and, critically, to identify data points that hadn’t been collected.

Understanding factors such as whether they were claimant or respondent, nature of dispute, claim value and outcome provides empirical evidence helping the client to focus on key risk areas.

We continue to work with the client to help extend existing systems and new technologies to capture more data points allowing more extensive analysis. This engagement has enhanced how we support this client bringing together technology and data analysis with core legal service delivery providing the client with a complete service.

“We’ve previously provided technology solutions for this client and it has been really engaging to work with a specific data set. This has given insight into the challenges and risks that the client is dealing with.”

Mike McGlinchey, Head of Client Consulting



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