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Multinational Infrastructure and Construction Case Study

Under GC pressure

Posted 29 October 2019


Our client is a large infrastructure and construction company active across Australasia. The General Counsel resigned with a notice period to be served during a particularly busy period. With little resource available internally to run the recruitment process properly and in a timely manner, the client foresaw difficulties hiring a replacement GC within the notice period. Pinsent Masons were approached with one month remaining on the GC’s notice period.


Steps Taken

Pinsent Masons enjoyed an existing relationship with the GC, having provided services on complex disputes matters in the past. In a meeting with the GC and CFO the issue of resourcing was raised and Pinsent Masons was asked if they could offer assistance in any way should there be a gap once the GC finished.

As the role was at a very senior level, a secondment was considered cost prohibitive for the client, particularly given the open ended nature of the cover needed. A Vario solution was tabled to the client, who was open to the solution, though needed someone who had operated at GC level.

A suitable Vario was found who had previously been GC of a global infrastructure and construction services company – with top tier grounding within construction and infrastructure law.  A three month contract was signed which allowed half a week handover with the outgoing GC.



The Vario became acting GC for the three month contract, ably assisting the client through an extremely busy period. The contract was extended for a further three months, which allowed the client time to run a thorough recruitment process. It also gave the incoming GC time to settle with the Vario acting as a bridge between the two periods.


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