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Michael Thomas

Going solo but not alone.

Posted 30 May 2019

Growing up, Michael actually dreamed of studying architecture and design, but it was his traditionally-minded father that persuaded him to become a lawyer.

From the very start of his legal career, Michael knew he wanted to work within the field of construction or property.  Soon after qualifying, Michael started working for a small firm in Adelaide within their commercial department before moving to a larger construction firm, where the matters he worked on gradually grew in scale and complexity.

Later on, Michael moved to an Adelaide firm where he eventually became a partner.  After 8 years at the firm though, Michael decided it was time to make a new start and launch his own firm in October 2017. After updating his LinkedIn profile, Michael was contacted by Vario Account Manager, Paul Garth about opportunities through Vario.  “I was aware of Pinsent Masons as a firm, but wasn’t aware there was so much freelance work out there, not only through Vario, but others as well.  I fully expected to be my own lawyer, but the freelance stuff came to me and I am really grateful to Vario for getting in touch” Michael recalls.  Speaking about being a Vario, Michael expresses; “Even though I don’t really go into the Pinsent Masons office, I have loved the feeling of being a part of the Pinsent Masons network and have an affiliation with such a highly regarded firm.”

Michael’s latest assignment has gone from strength-to-strength and he has been able to fit in perfectly with the client’s culture and team members. Michael comments,“When you are sitting in there, you really get involved in the commercial side of things…You get a good understanding of the level of involvement that a lawyer can have and the value they can bring to a business.  It is an understanding I don’t think you would get if you were only experienced as an outside advisor.”  Although his current assignment involves some travel between Adelaide and Melbourne, Michael still values the difference in culture compared to previous full-time roles; “Vario clients have a level of sophistication that allows for a mature approach to work and how results get achieved, as opposed to the straight clock-on, clock-off some businesses have” he notes.

Away from his professional life, Michael has two young girls who take up much of his spare time. He does however have the opportunity to watch his favourite cricket team play while working in Melbourne.

Looking to find a more exciting career without sacrificing your valuable leisure time?  Vario is a great way to find short-term legal work while following your own passions. Get in touch with us now.

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