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Jacinta Bayard

From Merino Life to Marine Life

Posted 15 January 2020

Far removed from her current role as a lawyer, Jacinta actually grew up on a Merino sheep farm in Victoria Australia, but her family encouraged her to be whatever she wanted to be,  “With a passion for reading and challenging the status quo, law was a natural choice” Jacinta explains.

After qualifying as a lawyer in Australia, Jacinta built a successful career working in a combination of in-house and private practice roles before then eventually deciding to start her own virtual law firm after moving to a new area away from the city and not wishing to commute every day. Quality of life was something that was important to her.

Jacinta has been successfully running her virtual law firm business for over 7 years and continues to do so.  It was while she was running her business, she was contacted by the Vario Australia Account Management team asking whether she would be interested in contract work through Vario; “My experience with Vario has been seamless. Not only can I continue to work remotely with my private clients but I can plug into Pinsent Masons’ global network of resources and clients” she comments.

After being interviewed and screened through Vario’s robust onboarding process, Jacinta was accepted into the Vario hub and was then matched to an external assignment.  Describing her most recent assignment through Vario, Jacinta notes, “My most recent assignment was a great success.  I worked for a client to facilitate the completion of a cloud subscription agreement.  This was a complex negotiation and I assisted negotiations with the vendor who was based in Sydney to get the deal completed.”  For Jacinta, the ability to choose whether or not to accept opportunities offer to her or to focus on her own business has been a huge benefit to her; “I have always been committed to having a strong work/life balance.  Vario has enhanced this further by enabling me to work with their international client base which may not have been accessible to me as a small virtual law firm” Jacinta says.

The improved work-life balance has enabled Jacinta to find more time to enjoy her passions, “I love travel.  My husband is French and we love travelling to Europe with our family.  Being a Vario and working a lot of the time remotely allows me to still enjoy travel.  We also live by the ocean, so spending time at the beach and daily exercise whether that is running, swimming, yoga or just reading, is a priority” she describes.

For others thinking of joining Vario, Jacinta gives the following advice;” If you like flexibility, working independently and maintaining a work-life balance I would not hesitate to join Vario.”

If you’re seeking a better lifestyle to fit around your legal career like Jacinta, get in touch with the team today.

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