Embedding diversity and inclusion into company culture

by | Sep 8, 2020

Client: Major UK food business

The objective of this engagement was to support the client in better understanding their D&I landscape following the creation of a new joint venture, and to recommend where best to prioritise activity to embed D&I into their culture.

Brook Graham conducted a diagnostic to understand the opinions and lived experience of employees in relation to D&I. It was also intended to ascertain the level of understanding of the value of D&I in achieving overall business goals amongst the middle and senior management stakeholder population. We used a combined methodology of desktop analysis of policies and procedures, and qualitative research, which involved 1-2-1 interviews and focus groups, to draw out key themes and areas of opportunity. The rich and detailed outputs from this qualitative research were distilled into a comprehensive report and a series of recommendations, which were played back to the leadership team.



  • Focused D&I action plan centred on five strategic people objectives
  • Ensured the right level of accountability and ownership assigned to each objective
  • Clear timeline and set of milestones to ensure the action plan was clearly prioritised and remained on track
  • Anchored the action plan in the everyday reality and lived experience of the employees themselves
  • Resulted in more effective outcomes tailored to the specific context of the people, for example, determining the most effective D&I communications and learning strategies for engaging with a non-office based workforce with over 60 different first languages
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