Ellie Wood

Apr 8, 2021

Ellie, a qualified junior lawyer working with Vario, took her first tentative steps towards her legal career during her first year at university, actually studying a different subject to Law. It was during this first year of further education that Ellie secured a part time job as a legal assistant.  She enjoyed her working experience in this position and decided that upon graduation of her degree, she would complete her Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) while applying for training contracts.  While studying for her GDL, Ellie commercial workshops and pro-bono legal clinics which helped her eventually secure her traineeship at Pinsent Masons in September 2018.

Qualifying in September 2020, Ellie entered into a very different world than 12 months previous or ever before; Covid-19 and ongoing lockdown restrictions meant that all firms and lawyers were now working from home full time.  The circumstances for newly qualified lawyers seeking a new opportunities were not ideal.  During her traineeship with Pinsent Masons, Ellie learned about Vario Flexible Services, “I had a couple of meetings with current Varios who said that they have had great experience with different clients and an ability to contract on your own terms” Ellie recalls.

Upon hearing these positive reviews, Ellie decided to apply to Vario herself. After applying online and fitting the psychometric profile, Ellie was accepted into the Vario Legal bench. Ellie comments; “My experience of Vario has been really positive so far, I feel that I have had support from the Vario team who check in to make sure I’m getting on OK and have been made aware of other potential assignments as I edge closer to the end of my current assignment.”

Speaking further about her current assignment with Vario, Ellie notes; “My most recent assignment has been great. I have been exposed to a wide variety of work including being the legal point of contact for a very important launch for the business. I have made good working relationships with a lot of the team despite working remotely and never meeting them face to face.”

Outside of work commitments, as a Vario Ellie would usually enjoy much more freedom than the usual employment model, but the last 12 months has seen numerous and prolonged lockdown restrictions in the UK, how did it affect her lifestyle? Quite the opposite actually! “Outside of work and especially during lockdown I have re-ignited my love for running and fitness. I have found it tough at times working at home and there have definitely been times where the line between work and home have become blurred. However, I have 2 small dogs which get me out of the house at least 3 times a day!” she delights in informing us.

Ellie gives the following advice for others interested in joining Pinsent Masons Vario: “I would absolutely recommend Vario to anyone who is considering it. The clients and variety or work really bolsters your experiences and gives you an edge as a lawyer. You are able to negotiate the days/times in which you work and have the ability to say no to an assignment if you aren’t in the position to take it. “

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