Providing flexible legal solutions globally, whilst backed by a major law firm.

Diversity and inclusion consultancy; helping organisations around the world drive meaningful change and unlock real business value.

Designing and implementing solutions and assisting our clients with legal technology and support.

Combining the right people and technology to create outcome focused managed legal solutions.

Applying the principles and practice of project management to deliver client legal projects on time and within budget.

Fast Forward – Looking  Back from the Future

Fast Forward – Looking  Back from the Future By Carsten Reimann   Christmas is coming, a new year beckons At this time of year many people are trying to figure out what will happen next year, or even longer term. Looking ahead is essential to any business, as how...

2020 vision – the polarised views of today

2020 vision - the polarised views of today By Kwan Cheung   Are you ‘with me’ or ‘against me’? It could be argued, perhaps now more than ever given current economic and social circumstances which have unfolded this year, we need greater unity between us. ...

Your most important bank account

Your most important bank account By Adam Kohl No Normal November It's probably fair to say that, for those of us in Europe, November is proving to be something of a drag. We are all just trying to work our way through the month and remain as cheerful as possible...

Pinsent Masons realigns its professional services offerings with launch of new group

Multinational law firm Pinsent Masons has brought together a range of skill set offerings to launch a professional services practice group as it further embeds its strategy to become a purpose-led professional services business with law at the core. Pinsent Masons...

Covid, the Lockdown and the Subsequent Re-opening of our Offices

Covid, the lockdown and the subsequent re-opening of our offices By Shirley de Roché Covid19 and the extraordinary restrictions imposed by governments around the world have meant that businesses have had to re-think how their staff can operate safely and efficiently. ...

So What Does the Future hold?

So What Does The Future Hold? by  Kwan Cheung   Some countries are, at time of writing, now beginning to make the first tentative steps of the long journey to economic recovery from hitherto the most prolific global epidemic in living memory, with far-reaching...

Working remotely in Germany – from nuts to normal?

Working remotely in Germany – from nuts to normal? By Britta Spachtholz The Past As long as you are not employed as a craftsman of any kind, working in Germany means going to an office and spending your workday there. Actually as an employee you have the obligation of...

Guest Blog Article: Freelance professional or professional freelancer?

Guest Blog Article: Freelance professional or professional freelancer? By Rebecca Lovelock Remote working and flexible employment are within the DNA of Vario. But that flavour of innovation has now been tasted in many walks of life, and the emphasis on centralised...

How to catch some Z’s.

How to catch some Z's. By Sohaib Tariq My first ever memory was using a smartphone; my parents are millennials and I witnessed the death of the DVD. In other words, I'm Generation Z. The days of Generation Z are upon us. This year marks the first year where Gen Z...

The Importance of Mental Health as a Legal Professional

The Importance of Mental Health as a Legal Professional By Paul Garth A couple of weeks ago I facilitated an engaging discussion with Grant Pritchard, Senior Legal Counsel at Spark New Zealand, and an advocate for positive mental health within the legal sector. The...

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