by | Jan 17, 2019

By Adam Kohl

Is five percent a large proportion?

5% image

Five percent, or one twentieth, of Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth, I think we’d all be happy. A big sign offering five percent off the price of a coffee, I’d probably keep on walking.

But today is an interesting moment; January the 18th and 19th represent the first 5% of the year having passed. Let that sink in for a moment; we’re already 5% into 2019! Just as we feel like we are right at the beginning of a new year, without realising it, we are at a small but significant milestone.

Does it matter? Do I feel like I am five percent of the way to achieving my goals this year? I haven’t painted five percent of the outside of the house, nor have I spent any extra time with my parents in 2019. I don’t feel like I’ve achieved one twentieth of my objectives at work and as for getting fitter, I’m not sure I am in a better shape now than Jan 1st!

As the middle of January hits, the New Year’s resolutions become forgotten and quite easily the status quo returns. More gym, less screen-time.  Book picked up, remote put down. Be more dog and less pig. Some people’s resolutions, so sincerely pledged, will already be falling away.

So, is this post supposed to be doom and gloom and make you think it’s already too late? No. It’s just a reminder that time is ever moving and that we need to be aware of what progress we are making and where we are going in life. With 95% still to play for I’m betting that aims and objectives can still be achieved. In fact, psychologists suggest that breaking down ambitious resolutions or goals into smaller specific and measurable goals make them more likely to be achieved; 5% here, 5% there, you’ll achieve the big goal before you know it!

So pick up that phone to Granny, get off the bus three stops early, stick with Dostoevsky and if you’re thinking of going freelance this year, well you know who to speak to!

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